We have 120 ‘spec seat’ chairs for audience seating.

The chairs come in 3 size heights – 17”, 19” and 21” – 40 of each size. Depending on the row configuration, the seats will allow audience members to sit 2” higher than the person in front of them. This will allow for better sightlines than if all the chairs were at the same level.

All the chairs are at a reasonable height – you don’t have to climb onto them – and the taller ones have footrests.


The stage is made up of eight 1.8m x 1.2m stage blocks. These can make a variety of stage shapes but in the most common configuration will make a stage that is 4.8m x 3.6m.

The stage comes with two different sets of legs so that the height of the stage can be adjusted. The lower stage hight will be around 20cm and the higher version at around 50cm. All the legs are somewhat adjustable so that the stage can be properly leveled (the floor in the venue is not perfectly flat).

The stage comes with black skirting and steps for easy access. A ramp can also be provided for wheelchair users.

Alternatively, you can use dance floor matting to create a stage area at floor level. Keep sight lines in mind when planning your layout.


The front window and entrance area will be sectioned off with heavy duty drapes to allow for black-out states inside the room.

All the other draping in the venue will be provided by the 5 drape kits that we will have inhouse. All 5 drape kits are identical – 4m high and 7m long. 3 of these drapes will usually be situated along the left wall, in the recesses between the columns. The other drape kits can be used to create a foyer area at the front of the room or used to section off parts of the room.

Additional draping can be brought into the venue and hung from the lighting rig.


There will be a small dressing room and green room area available to users. This includes a private toilet and small kitchen area.

Please note that the route from the backstage area to the performance space is through a public area.

Extra equipment

You can of course use additional technical gear, staging and seating in the venue. The lighting grid will support additional lighting, sound, drapes, and set pieces. You can bring in extra staging, and our local suppliers can build a fully raked seating stand within the space if you want one.

All additional equipment must be agreed with the team.