Lighting grid

The lighting grid covers roughly 100m2 of the room and gives a clearance of just under 4m from floor to bottom of truss.

3D plan showing lighting grid layout - a rectangle supported by two columns against the wall to the right of the venue (looking from the street), with two trusses running widthwise.
3D plan showing lighting grid layout
Overhead plan showing the lighting grid layout - a rectangle with two trusses running across the venue widthwise.
Overhead plan showing the lighting grid layout

The structure is made from 400mm box truss and has additional scaffold-piping between the cross sections to allow for additional flexibility for hanging equipment.

The truss structure is half free-standing and half suspended from a beam above the ceiling to maximise floor space.

The truss has been rated to comfortably hold 450kg in total with a maximum of 120kg per meter.


The venue will have its own in-house lighting equipment consisting of house lighting, LED cans and fresnels. This will consist of the following…

4 x Nitec LED Fresnel 50 – Compact LED fresnel with 17° – 50° zoom
4 x NiTEC Hex-Par 12 – LED PAR with 6-in-1 RGBAW+UV LEDs
8 x LED PAR Quad-18 – 18x QUAD-COLOUR RGBW- 8Watt LEDs (for house lighting)

All lights are low power, low noise, low heat LEDs.

The lighting console is a ChamSys QuickQ 20. The console has capacity for additional lighting, including moving heads should they be required.

Additional lighting equipment can be added to the basic rig. Any additional equipment will need to be signed off by the Operations Manager before installation.


Our PA is suitable for all theatre and most music gigs and consists of the following…

Front of House – 2x Martin Audio CCD LIVE 12 + 1 x Martin Audio SX118 subwoofer
Fold Back – 2 x Martin Audio Backline XP12
Sound mixing desk – Allen-Heath AH-QU-16C
Additional Equipment – 2 x DI boxes, 3 x SM58 mics, 1 x SM57, 1 x superflex drum microphone, 4 x mic stands.